Sunday, 17 October 2021

Legacy of Blood for Against the Darkmaster available now!

Available now from DrivethruRPG


Once one of the mightiest families of all the Nine Kingdoms, the Leorics have now fallen on hard times. Dark tidings and unspeakable rumors surround this once noble house. But a chance at redemption may still be at hand. In a desperate race against time, the heroes must recover a cache of lost magical artifacts before they fall into the hands of agents of the Darkmaster. Only this way they can restore the fallen noble family’s legacy, and stop the darkness spreading through their domains.

Can they reach the treasure before the agents of the Darkmaster pursuing them? Can they sneak past the dragon who has made Castle Dulgroth her lair? Can they survive this Legacy of Blood?

Legacy of Blood is an Adventure Module for 4-5 Level 2 to 3 characters, to be used with the Against the Darkmaster Core Rules.


A map of the Windown Plains, complete with keys to several adventuring locations.

Adventure hooks for three additional short side quests.

A cast of diverse and interesting NPCs, each with their own agenda and motivations.

Scheming noble houses and vicious minions of the Darkmaster.

A legendary dragon!

Friday, 10 September 2021

Those Dark Places: The AMC-222 Report OUT NOW

The AMC-222 Report

'This is a good one.

‘Asteroid Mining Catch 222 in the Peller System has sent out an emergency request for assistance. They have two members of staff deceased, probably murdered, and another member missing. After the station started a new mining shaft two workers were found mutilated in the mine and there appears to be foul play in the disappearance of the third. I’ve attached what we know to this message but these deep space mining facilities don’t have the best hypercom transmitters so the data package was quite small. Anyway, there should be enough information to give you an idea of what’s going on.'

'The AMC-222 Report' is an official adventure for 'Those Dark Places Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying' published by Osprey Games.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

**COMING SOON** FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction RPG


FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction #ttrpg. Protect the Interplanetary Combine from threats within and without!

Full rules and six missions included. Designed for one-shot action games on online tabletop sites, but can be played as a traditional RPG.

The game uses a D6 dice pool looking for successes, and it's centered around a team of soldiers in four different roles: Rifle, Medic, Tech and Heavy Weapons.

Games are strike missions using square-based combat maps, the kind found on VTT. The quick rules allow for fast involved play, and the characters can develop over a period of time as they complete missions for the Interstellar Combine. Seperatists, terrorists, opposing governments, alien threats and internal conflict. Just another day in the Fireteam.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Brian Fitzpatrick

 I've spent much of the last few days thinking about Brian Fitzpatrick. 

His is the first name in my acknowledgments in my first published roleplaying game because when I asked for feedback he was the first to volunteer, the first to offer feedback and the first to give me a reason to be excited about what I was doing. I did some work for his Aliens & Asteroids game and he was always generous, honest and informative and even when he wasn't 100% on board with my ideas he worked around them and we hit compromises that suited us. There was never any drama, just honest creativity and a genuine love of the game and the hobby as a whole.

I guess I'm writing this to acknowledge his importance in other people's lives, even ones he'd never met face-to-face all the way over the pond, and I'm saying goodbye to a stalwart of the RPG community, a talented and generous creator and, most of all, a friend. I was proud to have worked with him.

Goodbye, Brian.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Coming in July for Those Dark Places

Coming in July for Those Dark Places, the Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying Game.

'The AMC-222 Report'

A new shaft has been opened on an asteroid mining station and now two people are dead and one is missing. What is happening on station AMC-222?

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Interview with the Dungeon Designers Guild Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Dungeon Designers Guild podcast and over the course of an hour and change I get to talk about my hobby, my influences and Those Dark Places.

You can hear my ramblings here.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

The GM Simulation Expansion PDF is out NOW for Those Dark Places

The GM Simulation Expansion PDF is out NOW for Those Dark Places. This FREE addition to the original book offers ideas and examples for aliens and monsters in your TDP game. There's adventure hooks, too.

In this book you will find some guidelines on how to introduce the ‘unknown’ to the game; alien horrors, cosmic terrors and eldritch wonders. There will be a few new rules to help you incorporate these things into a session as well as adventure ideas to get you moving so you can let… things loose on the players.

Sunday, 16 May 2021


The ‘GM Simulation Expansion’ is a free short book that gives the General Monitor a few more options to play with in a game of Those Dark Places. In the core rulebook there were plenty of adventure hooks and ideas to get a game going, as well as the adventure ‘The Argent III Report’, and in this supplement there will be a few more ideas for different kinds of games…

In this book you will find some guidelines on how to introduce the ‘unknown’ to the game; alien horrors, cosmic terrors and eldritch wonders. There will be a few new rules to help you incorporate these things into a session as well as adventure ideas to get you moving so you can let… things loose on the players.

Things are about to get weird in the deep dark.


Friday, 30 April 2021

Those Dark Places: The Ana-Sin-Emid Report now available on Kindle

The adventure is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

'About an hour ago the Deep Space Transport Vessel Ana-Sin-Emid dropped out of FTL and has been steadily coasting to the outer marker. There has been no communication from the vessel or any responses to hails and the staging nature of the deceleration has the signs of being automated.

The Deep Space Reconnaissance Vessel Grahams is on dock C. Be ready to launch within the hour. Get on board the Ana-Sin-Emid, get to the bridge and report back to us. The outer marker is an AU out so it should only take you a day to get there. We’ll have a fully-equipped support ship loaded and ready to follow in about 12 hours, but you’re our first response to help and, if possible, lay a salvage claim.’

'The Ana-Sin-Emid Report' is an official adventure for 'Those Dark Places Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying' published by Osprey Games.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

The 'Casket of Fays' ezine for Dragon Warriors - a conversation with Simon Barns

Dragon Warriors is one of the great British roleplaying games from the 1980s, and the classic system was given an update in 2008 by Magnum Opus Press, the torch of which was then picked up by Serpent King Games. You can learn more about the game and its history here.  

The game has a huge following and we were treated to many fan-produced products, namely the e-magazine Ordo Draconis and now the popular (and free!) ezine Casket of Fays, which has been bought to us by the talented Simon Barns.

I had a chat with Simon about the game and the ezine.

What got you into Dragon Warriors and how long have you been playing it?

White Dwarf 71. Did that come out in 85 or 86? Whenever, it had an adventure in it that was statted for AD&D and Dragon Warriors (Box of Old Bones). I read that adventure, I liked it, and I wanted more. I quickly worked out just what those little Corgi Books were. Books 1-3 were acquired, then the other three followed. I ran some games. I dabbled. Then the books got put away for a few years as I matured. Yeah, right.

In the 2000s I came across DW again. I dabbled in a mini campaign, I got the DragWars Yahoo email, and I was on the DW Wiki. The wiki’s still running. Give it a visit. Be careful. It’s held together with string nowadays. 

Late 2000’s, James Wallis announced Magnum Opus Press’ 2nd edition. I followed that (I even went to the launch party – which had a sword swallower – what a soiree!) and gradually picked the books up. I went back to lurking for a few years until the Dragon Warriors Facebook Group came along and things started moving along again.

How did Casket of Fays come about? What made you want to create the zine?

Back in March 2020, I found myself off work with a lot of free time. I’d been looking at zines for a few years and the RPG Zines groups came to life.  There’s some fantastic stuff out there, as you’ll know. Wormskin is a fave, that’s the Dolmenwood zine, and if you’ve ever heard of Tekumel, you should check out ‘The Excellent Travelling Volume’ from James Maliszewski. It’s a rabbit hole, just waiting to be jumped down..

Anyways, I think it was June, there was a chat on the DW Group about Discord. I think Greg Dzi asked if there was a Discord, and Jimbo Healey said ‘No, but I can make one.’ Jimbo will be the first to admit that he doesn’t do tech, but I do, so I volunteered my excellent skills to support. We had a Discord.

Chat was had, and in the fullness of time I realised a few things. 1 - There was a load of DW material out there that would be great to bring out into the light. 2 - There were many DW lovers out there who, and I paraphrase Dave Morris here, ‘are up there with any commercial creators.’

That’s why it’s always gratifying to see fan material inspired by what I’ve written, and an extra bonus in the case of Legend is that it seems to inspire a quality of content on a par with the very best commercial RPG publishing out there. - Dave Morris

3 - I’d like to get a chance to mess around with zines. I suggested, I came up with names, people suggested better names, and Red Ruin Publishing was formed.

We weren’t the first though. ‘Ordo Draconis’ is in recent memory, along with its spinoff, ‘Cadaver Draconis’, and way back (and I’ve never seen a copy) there was ‘The Ereworn Ear’. If anyone ever sees a copy of that last one, please, let me know.

What's the future of Casket of Fays? Do you intend to keep going as you are, or are there plans for expansion?

Interesting you should mention that. We’ve done four issues now. Issue five is due out at the end of June. Give it a few weeks after I type this and I’ll start bothering the writers and artists again. We’ve got content in the archives for a couple of issues worth, and I’ve never been afraid to raid the archives from the wiki, but one thing which has been on the radar for probably the last couple of issues is size. I love A5 format (takes me way back to the good old Beholder zine) but sometimes we get submissions that would fill the zine on their own. We’re planning a ‘special’ – name to be determined yet – that will be magazine sized. Early days yet, but I’m talking to a couple of the old names of DW who will be familiar to many who were in the Yahoo group, and there is some exciting stuff coming. We should have some pretty colour too.

What would you like to see happen with the Dragon Warriors IP?

I’m eagerly awaiting DW 2.0 from Dave Morris, ‘Jewelspider’. I don’t think that’s going to replace 1.0 in my heart, but it’s nice to have options. Then there’s ‘The Cursed King’. I hope to see that soon, along with Brymstone. Over to Serpent King for those. Hopefully they’ll release ‘The Summoner’s Tale’ from Shaun Hately this year. That’s been on the cards for a while. I know Shaun and have gamed with him (Australian time!) and that adventure is like to be a treat.

I’d like more people to play DW. Had a vague plan last year to hit cons (armed with Casket of Fays) that got derailed. Let’s see what the second half of this year brings. Promote the heck out of the game, get on people’s radars, get more people involved, maybe get people to tout to SKG. There’s a lot of love for this hoary old game. I want it to last another 35 years.

Any future plans for other releases, such as adventures or expansions?

My plans are so immense that I’ve moved up to a Trello board!

Solo adventures are coming. People like them. DW attracts people who played Fighting Fantasy. We did one solo as a trial, and, well, there’ll be more. We got great ‘sales’ off it. That was the ‘Village of Frogton’ from Jimbo Healey

There’s a further chapbook or two coming featuring Cedric and Fulk, Nigel Ward’s pair of monks. The Adventures of Cedric and Fulk #1 'The Wickedest Man in Banlet' .

Adventurers to the town of Chapelstone, an ancient Ta’ashim port that has been annexed by Crusaders, as well as ‘The Thousand Islands’, and for that, look in Casket #1 and #4 for a couple of peeks. These are being brought to us by Damian May.

There’s more, but those can wait for another day. Thanks for having me on, Jon!

I’d just like to thank the DW community for their massive support with the Casket. The zine has consistently had great content in that I’d be happy to compare to professional gaming releases.  I’ve made some great friends over the last year and gamed with a load of them in various campaigns. I’m not going to write them down as it’s a bloody great long list, so instead I’ll just tell you to check out these websites.

Welcome to the Great Library

The Cobwebbed Forest


Thanks, Dave for a good few years of gaming!