Thursday, 24 November 2022

'Horror at Harris Station' - Out now!

SITREP – Harris Research Station on the moon Prague Six has sent out an emergency distress call. It is a standard beacon with no other information. Harris Research Base is a medical facility specialising in battlefield medicine. The aim is for soldiers to be able to inject a compound into their body where the organ or limb is damaged beyond repair, and have it grow back in a matter of hours. Other than that we have no information as its a closed secure facility.

MISSION – Enter the research station, ascertain the situation and report. A fully equipped follow-up vessel will arrive within 24 hours of your arrival.

'Horror at Harris Station' is a complete adventure for FIRETEAM - Rules Light Military Science Fiction Roleplaying. The rulebook is required for play.


NOTICE – This game contains scenes of body horror and violence. Use whatever safety tools you wish to make sure that the session is fun and exciting for everyone.

Sunday, 20 November 2022

New possible WIP - WEST RPG

I'm not saying I'm going to write it - yet - but I've already figured out adapting the Fireteam rules to make it specific for the genre as well as making it... a bit weird.

It's the fault of The English.

New Material for Fireteam Part 3

After watching a video about the Yamato anime it struck me that a huge part of military sci-fi is about the starships, so I'm having some ideas about a sourcebook regarding the vessels of the Fireteam universe and the people that crew them. Space navy campaigns can be fun.

Friday, 11 November 2022

New Material for Fireteam Part 2

 ... and then there's Titan Gate, something I still haven't decided on what it's going to be, adventure or sourcebook. It details a central staging area for the Combine war machine which comes under attack. I guess it could be both

There's a lot in the pipeline for Fireteam.

New material for Fireteam

This another project for Fireteam I'm working on - I'm experimenting with short combat missions, to open new ideas, equipment and locations.

This one is a mashup of The Thing and Starship Troopers - at least, that's my pitch to myself. It will end up far different, I'm sure.

FIRETEAM Rules Light Military Science Fiction Roleplaying is now an Electrum Best Seller!

FIRETEAM Rules Light Military Science Fiction Roleplaying is now an Electrum Best Seller!

Thanks to all who got it this far!

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

FIRETEAM supplement delayed

I was really hoping to get Invasion finished by Christmas but I've decided to delay it - after rejigging the core book with better art and layout I want to make some changes to this and adjust the focus.

Let's just say I'm changing it so that the title should be LIBERATION and not INVASION.

It's still going to happen.

Anyway, here's a test cover.

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Cyber Streets - out now!

 Welcome to Cyber Streets, a future noir setting using the Fireteam Hi5 ruleset.

This game is a rules-light system about story and narrative, so that the group can focus more on the game and less on the rules, allowing for flowing stories that won’t be stalled too much by rulings, tables and charts.


Cyber Streets is a traditional pen-and-paper tabletop roleplaying game designed for a gamemaster and any number of players. It is designed with the future dystopian city nightmare in mind, with dark rain-soaked streets, corporate espionage and dangerous gangs. All soaked in neon, lit by holographic advertisements a hundred feet tall, with lights and laser shows inviting the downtrodden citizens of the Capital into the comforting arms of unfettered capitalism.


Players take on the roles of investigators of the Capital Police Department, Street Detective Teams, groups of cops working for an organisation with an almost unfortunate acronym. Funded by the corporations yet expected to bring law to everyone equally, it never quite turns out that way and limits will be crossed, morals bent and the line between justice and business will blur. Can the players keep their heads in a world where everyone has lost theirs to WorldNet?


FIRETEAM - Rules Light Military Science Fiction Roleplaying out now!

The revised FIRETEAM - Rules Light Military Science Fiction Roleplaying is available now!

This is an adventure roleplaying game designed for quick one-shots of high action and fast combat. Players will take on the roles of Specialists in a Fireteam of the Interplanetary Combine, a government body in constant conflict with the universe.

Threats to the Combine come in all shapes and sizes; insurrection, terrorism, and strange, alien threats that the Combine struggle to deal with. On top of all this they are fighting an ongoing war with the Gene League Separatists, a huge collection of worlds that see the Combine as a threat to their ‘freedom’ and individuality, as well as seeing the rest of the non-augmented human race as inferior. They feel they are fighting a war for the purity of their genetically superior species and their independence, and worlds and star systems continually change hands with the borders shifting every few months. It’s becoming more than the Combine can handle.


- Simple character creation and progress, with just a few minutes for a full combat team to get statted and ready, and more than suitable for one-shots and campaigns.

- Fast, easily modded rules that can be used with most science fiction setting, including rules for vehicles and starships; in fact, the character creation and rules are only 8 pages long, so you can get straight into the action in one sitting! 

- A single-page setting to get you started, and five adventures that fill out the galaxy and cover everything from tactical strikes, secret missions and assaults, to starship battles, boarding actions and all-out war!    

- Can be used as 'Theatre of the Mind' or on a grid battlemat, so you can use your favourite minis.

- Easily adaptable to your favourite military science fiction setting, with lots of room for new rules, stats and expansion.  

If there’s a problem, and if every other route to a resolution has tried and failed, then it’s time to call a Fireteam.

NOW UNDER OGL - You can create your own combat missions, rules and settings and share them with the #ttrpg community, even for commercial purposes! It's an open game and I'd love for everyone to be involved, just make sure to credit and link the original game.

Friday, 21 October 2022