Sunday 23 June 2019


Image result for osprey gamesOsprey Games is delighted to announce the November 2019 launch of Osprey Roleplaying, a new series of beautifully illustrated, hardback RPG rulebooks that transport players to incredible worlds and extraordinary adventures. The series debuts with two titles: Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore, created by award-winning designer Scott Malthouse, and Graham Rose’s Paleomythic: A Roleplaying Game of Stone and Sorcery.

In Romance of the Perilous Land, players take on the role of brave knights, fierce warriors, and other heroes as they fight evil, right wrongs, and create their own legends in Arthurian Britain.

Paleomythic sees players attempt to navigate their way through the harsh prehistoric land of Ancient Mu – a world where hostile tribes, otherworldly spirits, ferocious beasts, and other monstrous creatures threaten their survival at every turn.

Speaking about the new series, Philip Smith, Head of Osprey Games, said “I’m thrilled that we are finally able to announce the first titles in our new line of RPGs. We’ve been working with some great designers and artists on games from a range of genres, and there’s more to come – watch this space!”

Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore

Designer: Scott Malthouse
Illustrators: John McCambridge, David Needham & Alan Lathwell
ISBN: 9781472834775
Format: Hardback
Price: £20 / US $30 / CAN $40

Created by award-winning designer Scott Malthouse, Romance of the Perilous Land is a roleplaying game of magic and adventure set in the world of British folklore, from the stories of King Arthur to the wonderful regional tales told throughout this green and pleasant land. It is a world of romantic chivalry, but also of great danger, with ambitious kings, evil knights, and thieving brigands terrorising the land, while greedy giants, malevolent sorcerers, and water-dwelling knuckers lurk in the shadows. As valiant knights, mighty barbarians, subtle cunning folk, and more, the players are heroes, roaming the land to fight evil, right wrongs, and create their own legends.

About the Author

Scott Malthouse is a roleplaying game designer and folklore enthusiast who was born and bred in Yorkshire, where he currently lives. His work includes the award-winning Quill (Best Free Game 2016, Indie RPG Awards), In Darkest Warrens, and Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying.

Paleomythic: A Roleplaying Game of Stone and Sorcery

Designer: Graham Rose
Illustrators: John McCambridge & Mars Oosterveld
ISBN: 9781472834812
Format: Hardback
Price: £20 / US $30 / CAN $40

Paleomythic: A Roleplaying Game of Stone and Sorcery, written by Graham Rose, sees players face all manner of challenges as they try to survive in the prehistoric land of Ancient Mu. Taking on the roles of hunters, healers, warriors, soothsayers, and more, they will navigate a world of hostile tribes, otherworldly spirits, prehistoric beasts, and monstrous creatures lurking in the dark places of the world. Players have a huge scope in sculpting the game experience that best suits them, whether it’s a gritty survival story without a trace of the mystical or a tale of grand adventure and exploration in a mythic setting.

About the Author

When Graham Rose discovered roleplaying games, he was hooked. He designed his first home-brew RPG in the 1980s and has continued tinkering with games ever since. It was whilst roleplaying that Graham decided to acquire as many of the abilities listed on his character sheet as possible. This quest has led to a wide range of interests, from archaeology to competition fencing, a career in the fields of intelligence and law enforcement, and has also resulted in him crashing a snowmobile in the Arctic Circle, enduring serious illness in Kathmandu, coming face to face with a silverback gorilla in Rwanda, and walking Hadrian’s Wall during a storm. Graham lives in the UK with his wife, Nicola, and currently works as a cold case homicide investigator.

About Osprey Games

Osprey Games is the dedicated games division of Osprey Publishing (part of Bloomsbury Publishing plc) and publishes a wide range of wargames, card games, and board games. Launched in 2014, the company has produced an array of critically acclaimed titles, including Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City, Bolt Action, Odin’s Ravens, Wildlands and The Lost Expedition.

Wednesday 19 June 2019


Lots of Fighting Fantasy goodies over on Bundle of Holding, including 3 of my adventures! Some great offers from some amazingly talented people.

'Adventurer! We've resurrected our March 2017 Advanced Fighting Fantasy Bundle featuring the Arion Games tabletop roleplaying game based on the phenomenally popular Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Steve Jackson (the British one) and Ian Livingstone. Originally published in 1989, and presented here in its handsome 2011 Second Edition, Advanced Fighting Fantasy is a complete RPG set in the classic Fighting Fantasy world, with a fast and adaptable system ideal for beginners and well suited to long-term campaigns. This revival accompanies an all-new companion offer, More Fighting Fantasy, with recent supplements and adventures.'

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Bundle

More Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Saturday 15 June 2019

UK Games Expo 2019

On Saturday 1st June I took a trip top the UK Games Expo, the annual tabletop show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

The show this year was huge. I mean, really huge - sadly I could only make the single day but the event lasted from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June, three days of games, demos, shows, talks, and pretty much anything else you can think of that would get you tabletop blood pumping.

This is this year's official figures, direct from the UK Games Expo website:

Unique visitors totalled 25,704 (i.e. all individuals at the show. Up approx. 18.5%), and repeat visitors 45,097 (i.e. all people whether 1 day or 3 days. Up approx 15%). 3 days of gaming or 74 Hours of UK Games Expo from start to finish, 97 brand new game releases, 27 games crowd funding,
3.5 km of table cloths, 5 Tonnes (est.) of gaming boards, 800 T-shirts to launder and repack post event, 975m of large format printing, 311 street names stuck down, 900 stand number stickers, 25k lanyards and pouches, 32k square metres of floor space, 2 1/2 Halls of the NEC plus 1 Hilton Hotel, 430+ Exhibitors, and 121 companies from outside of the UK.

Blimey. That's a big show, and the hard work and dedication from the organisers and volunteers really, really paid off.

So, here are a few of my highlights of the show. I went with my son Bruce as there's plenty there for a 12-year old to do and he loves the day out.

I think I've only missed the UK Games Expo twice, once when it first began and one of the NEC dates - watching it grow from those small halls into the huge event it is now has been amazing, the guys in charge and everyone involved do a marvellous job. I once signed up to run a game many years ago - none of the gamers who had signed up actually turned up an I had to sit in a hall filled with excited gamers at a huge table on my own. That was an experience. The organisers were really good about it and we all had a laugh, but I never ran a convention game ever again, and it almost put me off conventions, but I'm so glad it didn't.

A cool part of the day is the journey there on the train - to spot fellow gamers on their way! I saw a Warhammer AoS t-shirt and a guy with a bag with what I think was a board game sticking out of it, but he wass too far away to tell.

When I got there at just after 10:30am it was rammed - I only had to queue for ten minutes, I picked up the free programme and in we went!

Modiphius has a cracking stand, plenty of games going on.

The Fria Ligan stand is busy. Some amazing books on show. There's a game of ALIEN on the go set in Hadley's Hope. I think they managed to nail a beast but one of the players is toast. Had a lovely chat with the guys about the game and especially the art. They're passionate about it and there's confidence about the release.

Now, Alien is my most anticipated RPG this year - this is my favourite franchise, favourite movie and favourite hobby, and the fact that ine of my favourite RPG publishers is working on it has me giddy with excitement as it's almost the perfect hobby storm for me.

The Chaosium stand has plenty on show, the Runequest game is positively gorgeous.

Quick tip - if you're going to have a standing conversation, try not to do it in the middle of an aisle! The show is really busy and crowdsare constantly on the move, and the main cause of delay was small groups of people standing on the floor blocking traffic. It made it especially difficult with people with mobility issues.

Mindjammer Press have a great crew manning the stand - Capharnaum and Chronicles of Future Earth look like excellent games.

Mantic Games has high quality stuff and some great licences  - their Hellboy board game is a hefty beast!

Then I had a good look at the Modiphius stand - I'm not a miniatures guy generally but their new models were really impressive.

Fallout Wasteland figures - great detail and really well painted.

Star Trek figures are as gorgeous as always.

But it's the Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms figures that have me excited. These were excellent figures, the poses were cool and the detail was really good. I love the design of Elder Scrolls and these figuess caught the mood really well.

I then caught up with Jonathan Green on his stand - always a pleasure to chat with the man and more than excited about Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 in August. Also tried whispering Fighting Fantasy ideas, but I'm rubbish at subterfuge.

There's some great stuff on the Cubicle 7 stand - the Warhammer and The One Ring books are stunning.

I'm gutted I couldn't stay longer or do any extra days.

The massive turnout and the sheer number of things to do kept us busy all day, and if circumstances had been different I would have spent the entire three days there. The venue is easy to get to via any means of transport; we went by train and getting off at Birmingham International station meant we only had a 10 minute walk to the show. Drivers have easy access via the UKs main road network so it's pretty much a straight drive there, and international travellers can travel into Birmingham airport which is right next door - a quick five minute monorail ride from the airport gets you to the train station, and again it's just ten minutes from there. Easy.

The demos in the main halls were amazing and down at the Hilton Hotel, another ten minute walk away, the games were taking place with masses of gamers gathering and gaming into the small hours.

Hall 1

14000 sqm of trade space. Some of the key attractions included the Haba Family Zone, Playtest, Children's Roleplaying and the Games Quest Shop and Drop.

Hall 2

11,000 sqm. Half of this Hall is filled with even more exhibitors as well as a huge open gaming space and one part of our board game library. 

Many of the tournaments and championships take place in here.

Hall 3a

Using circa 2000 sqm. Home to our Bring and Buy as well as more tournaments and championships taking place in here.

Toute Suite (Just outside Hall 1)

Home of most of our Profantasy Seminar Track activities.

PIazza Suites (between Hall 1 and Hall 2)

Used for most of the Cartamundi Publisher Designer Track activities.

NEC Lakefront

The Viking living history village will be here.

Hilton Hotel

3500 sqm of space at the Hilton Hotel will remain the focus of the Roleplaying Game sessions, live entertainment and more open gaming space; with the entire Palace and Kings one huge open gaming space, allowing 2000+ gaming enthusiasts to sit and game. Also the UK Games Expo Food Festival will be here.

The organisers should be proud of their show this year. 

Friday 14 June 2019

'World of War' for Stellar Adventures released

My new adventure for Stellar Adventures has been released. It has a tiny bit of detail about the AstroNavy from 'Starship Traveller', and it's a taster of things to come!


The players are instructed to take a starship to the Bakk solar system, land on the primary planet of Bakk-Alpha-Four, and pick up supplies for Beta 1-8-6 Stellarstation. Whilst they are there, things start to go wrong...

Can they make it across the war torn city of Calappa to freedom?

Saturday 8 June 2019

Rocket Age RPG adapted for 5th Edition!

Here's a thing - one of my favourite RPG games is being adapted for my favourite edition of D&D! The Kickstarter is already off to a great start, take a look!

The Kickstarter is here

'We love Rocket Age and we want to bring it to everyone.  5e allows us to invite more people into the Rocket Age. From the beginning we did not want to do a simple conversion, we knew that to make system and setting work best we would have to adapt both. Where possible we have kept the core of the 5e engine, you can use Rocket Age (5e) with your full collection of 5e products. We have species (instead of races), classes, armor class, hit points and dice, proficiencies, and so forth. Rocket Age (5e) has a plethora of alien creatures to interact with, but we want you to be able to pull any monster out of whatever 5e compatible monster guide you might want. Where something had to be changed in the setting, most notably the availability of psychic powers, we made small changes as needed. The result is a merging of system and setting, not just a welding of one to another.'