Tuesday 17 August 2021

**COMING SOON** FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction RPG


FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction #ttrpg. Protect the Interplanetary Combine from threats within and without!

Full rules and six missions included. Designed for one-shot action games on online tabletop sites, but can be played as a traditional RPG.

The game uses a D6 dice pool looking for successes, and it's centered around a team of soldiers in four different roles: Rifle, Medic, Tech and Heavy Weapons.

Games are strike missions using square-based combat maps, the kind found on VTT. The quick rules allow for fast involved play, and the characters can develop over a period of time as they complete missions for the Interstellar Combine. Seperatists, terrorists, opposing governments, alien threats and internal conflict. Just another day in the Fireteam.

Sunday 1 August 2021

Brian Fitzpatrick

 I've spent much of the last few days thinking about Brian Fitzpatrick. 

His is the first name in my acknowledgments in my first published roleplaying game because when I asked for feedback he was the first to volunteer, the first to offer feedback and the first to give me a reason to be excited about what I was doing. I did some work for his Aliens & Asteroids game and he was always generous, honest and informative and even when he wasn't 100% on board with my ideas he worked around them and we hit compromises that suited us. There was never any drama, just honest creativity and a genuine love of the game and the hobby as a whole.

I guess I'm writing this to acknowledge his importance in other people's lives, even ones he'd never met face-to-face all the way over the pond, and I'm saying goodbye to a stalwart of the RPG community, a talented and generous creator and, most of all, a friend. I was proud to have worked with him.

Goodbye, Brian.