Sunday 9 April 2023

WEST - A Simple Western RPG


WEST is a simple tabletop roleplaying game about action westerns, based on the movies such as Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns, The Magnificent Seven and Young Guns. They’re not realistic or even accurate but that’s not the point; they’re action-packed and a lot of fun.

This is more of a party game as the players are expected to do silly things such as stare each other out, catch a spinning pencil or get a dice into a cup – yeah, I know, but it’ll make sense once you’ve read the rules.

However, you can also play it straight. You can be as over the top as Young Guns, as serious as A Fistful Of Dollars, as silly as Blazing Saddles or as hard bitten as The Unforgiven. It’s up to you.

Heroes, Gods & Monsters - Basic Rules available now


Ancient Greece has provided the modern world with incredible tales of heroism, mournful parables of tragedy and powerful stories of friendship. From Perseus to Jason to Theseus, to all the heroes and warriors of the Trojan War and the Odyssey, the great myths of mortals and their Gods have enthralled and entertained us.

What you have here is a set of tools for you to use to help you run a story-driven narrative game. It’s up to you to fill in the blanks. This isn’t an encyclopedia about Hellenic culture or a treatise on the myths that moulded a nation. It doesn’t even have to be ancient Greece; if you’ve got a culture this can be adapted to then go for it!

One player will take on the task of being the Rhapsode, effectively the game master of a session of Heroes, Gods & Monsters. Like most tabletop RPGs the Rhapsode will let the story unfold, explain to the players what they see and hear and smell, play the parts of the non-player characters and adapt the saga to the decisions the players make. 

However, unlike most other RPGs the Rhapsode will not roll any dice for the foes and dangers the players will face. All die rolls will be handled by the players as they are the Heroes of the story and it is up to them to try to control fate. The players are, after all, the centre of the fantasy world; this is their adventure.

PHAUNT'S TOWER relaunched

Phaunt's Tower, my Copper Best Seller OD&D adventure, now relaunched with new layout, art and a couple of extra encounters.

Suitable and easily adaptable for most versions of the D&D game, and can be dropped into any ongoing campaign with little effort.

Available now!