Saturday 13 February 2021

Warlock! from Fire Ruby Designs

Warlock! is a game that I really need to sit down at a table with, and it's on my list of games to play when these lockdowns are lifted.

'Warlock is a rules-light roleplaying game that aims to emulate the feeling of old-school British tabletop games of wondrous and fantastical adventure. Warlock looks to reproduce the play style of its illustrious predecessors but in a light, quick and simple manner, with a consistent rules set that is easily hackable and adaptable as desired.

Features of the system:

Character creation, core rules, combat, magic and creatures all in one book!

Stat-less skills-based characters.

Unique careers that give skills and add flavour.

Simple resolution mechanic - roll a d20, adding your skill and try to get twenty or more.

Simple opposed tests for combat means there’s always a result, for good or for bad!

Spells available to every character.

Built-in setting, the Kingdom, for your games.

Easily adaptable to other settings.

Visit the link below to read an extensive preview of the book and to buy the book and/or PFF.'

Fire Ruby Designs

It's also the game I chose over WFRP 4th edition, believe it or not; my favourite fantasy RPG of all time is WFRP 1st edition, and I got all the other editions in between including Zweihander, but when 4th came out I got the PDF and - as much as I enjoyed it - I didn't feel I needed yet another version of WFRP and another iteration of the rules. I was looking for something similar but much more malleable and then I came across Warlock!, which ticked all my boxes. Great system with an old-school flavour that invoked two of my favourite games, and a nice simple learning curve because I turn 50 this year and I simply don't have the time or the mental energy to learn or remember reams of new rules!

Warlock! is excellent and it's a game that came along at the right time for me as it was simple, evoked my favourite era and genre of fantasy gaming and is just an all-round excellent game. 

Wednesday 3 February 2021

A look at the Those Dark Places Roleplaying Game from Osprey Games

A bit of self-promotion - a brief look at my RPG 'Those Dark Places' out on November 26th 2020!

More information:​

The Garblag Games playthrough is here:​

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