Saturday, 8 June 2019

Rocket Age RPG adapted for 5th Edition!

Here's a thing - one of my favourite RPG games is being adapted for my favourite edition of D&D! The Kickstarter is already off to a great start, take a look!

The Kickstarter is here

'We love Rocket Age and we want to bring it to everyone.  5e allows us to invite more people into the Rocket Age. From the beginning we did not want to do a simple conversion, we knew that to make system and setting work best we would have to adapt both. Where possible we have kept the core of the 5e engine, you can use Rocket Age (5e) with your full collection of 5e products. We have species (instead of races), classes, armor class, hit points and dice, proficiencies, and so forth. Rocket Age (5e) has a plethora of alien creatures to interact with, but we want you to be able to pull any monster out of whatever 5e compatible monster guide you might want. Where something had to be changed in the setting, most notably the availability of psychic powers, we made small changes as needed. The result is a merging of system and setting, not just a welding of one to another.'

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  1. Looks very promising, I hope they would add it to Tabletop Simulator so I could play it on my PC with friends!