Tuesday, 10 August 2010

HARD SIXES - The shop is now open and doing business

Well, it's all go now. There's no more planning or building to do. The shop is open and running smoothly, and we're doing business.

Here's the shop as it looks at the moment - we're hoping to be putting more on the outside in the form of posters and advertising.

The interior is now packed with stuff old and new, and we've even managed to get a gaming table and chairs in there with plenty of room to spare!

And here's a picture of our first customer Jason, who bought the Pathfinder core rulebook from us. He kindly agreed to strike a silly pose for a picture.

Yesterday I did my first RPG demo with new players who were very interested in bringing their friends down to have a go, and as such I've got more booked for next week. They're just simple half-hour to and hpur long sessions to show the basics and it really works. Here's to some more in the future.

We've got a dedicated website at www.hardsixes.co.uk and an Ebay shop slowly building.

Man. This feels good.