Sunday, 3 April 2011

My Gaming Memoirs Part 10 - 1992

I'm not exaggerating this - I can't rightly remember much about my gaming in 1992 because... well... I can't rightly remember much of what I was doing.

I was now living with two friends of mine; Nick (a serious gamer) and Stan (a casual gamer). Every night was party night and if I wasn't working I was down the pub. No, it's true, I was continually on the beers and not a night would go by without me getting partially or totally drunk. Even the Thursday gaming night wasn't safe and we'd generally slowly stew on tins that'd take us unto the early mornings. If I got more than four or five hours sleep a night I was lucky.

As a result, gaming suffered. Not only that but the amount of beer we were drinking and the things we were smoking resulted in some pretty colourful games. Alcohol-fuelled arguments, grandstanding, and even embaressing in-character physical attacks (and the reason why I'll never play Vampire: The Masquerade again) took place on those nights.

Then I met Andy.

Andy was a proper boisterous cigar-chomping gamer. He was loud and jovial, had hair down to his arse and he'd done shedloads of RPG-related stuff. He'd played some LARP, he'd helped with a fanzine in the late 1980s called 'The Jester', he'd even come second in the nationals of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament. He wanted to play, get well into character and have some great, powerful games. And he was most certainly a force to be reckoned with. There were some great games.

Sadly, however, the majority of games are just blurs to me now. I do remember a lot of them were downright awful, thanks to the booze and marijuana, and I'm pretty sure there were times where I'd be running a game and I'd get so bored of the whole thing that I'd call Andy into the kitchen for a 'private in-game conversation', and we'd climb out the window and go down the pub. Once we left, came back hours later and the players were so engaged in their party conflict that they hadn't even noticed that we'd gone. Dicey.

So, the games wore on and the party house partied. It was this year we also met Louis, another gamer who wanted a slice of the Star Wars D6 action, and the Setnin Sector games really started to expand. It was, truth be told, the year that the Star Wars D6 Setnin Sector games really took off. The following year would see an explosion of Star Wars gaming that would shape the future of many gamer's involvent in the hobby and what they did with their spare time outside the game.

But my GMing mettle would be tested, also, as Andy, the incorrigable loud-mouthed git, pretty much threw everything he could at me and the other players.

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  1. Was that the session when Nick tried to bite you when he was playing a Vamp, or was that when he attacked Louis? And who brought a rat to a VTM game?
    Andy was awesome, sure he still is (haven't seen him since your wedding). Gotta love Luschia, Jan and her had some amazing moments.