Sunday, 11 March 2012

Food, glorious food

Do you know what I hate at the gaming table? Chewy sweets. In fact, lots and lots of food can be an absolute pain the backside. But surely, the bringing of snacks is an integral part of the gaming experience? Yes, snacks are important, but I like to weigh up the necessity of snacks with the number of times I’ve had crumbs sprayed in my face or over my table by people trying to talk and eat at the same time.

Recently I’ve been completely thrown out of an intense combat situation in a Pathfinder game because the GM has been trying to explain the situation while trying to jam as many biscuits into his mouth as possible, and declaring my action while trying to decipher the words, ‘Ee hags ad oo wim umind o berd, ats oor amoass?’ kind of ruins the moment. As did the carbonated drinks; entire bottles consumed in minutes and then sentences are interrupted by belches. Funny the first time, maybe, not so much during the more intense parts of the game.

It’s quite simple; don’t do it. Eat as much as you like during downtime or slower, more thoughtful parts of the game, but when the action kicks off it can be frustrating waiting for someone to bite, chew and swallow. Just move it out the way, or take a bite while you’re waiting for your turn. Don’t fill your mouth with toffee and then wonder why everyone is staring at you expectantly, or asking you to repeat yourself, especially if you’re the GM. It’s only a little thing, easily addressed, but it can be just as annoying as any other interruption.

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