Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Stargate D6 System RPG

I'm a big fan of Stargate. I'm not a huge fan of the movie - the idea was great but I thought the actual film was a bit flat - but the TV shows were awesome. SG-1 was great fun, Atlantis was a great companion show and Universe may have took itself a bit too seriously and become a bit thin on impetus in the second season, but it was still a solid show. The characters, stories and adventures were fun and exciting, and I followed it quite closely.

The very premise of Stargate, the idea of a team of people with various skills going from world to world having a series of adventures, screams out for an RPG. I never played the official Stargate game, but as with every science fiction setting I thought the cinematic action of the D6 system was a good fit for the setup.

John Tynes wrote the game for West End Games just before the company collapsed, and he put his unfinished work on his website here. Afterwards, The Snake Farm took the rules and fleshed it out, adding some of Andy Slack's work to fill in the gaps.

What we have is a pretty much fully complete Stargate D6 RPG, and it's a pretty good system, free to download in it's entirety from The Snake Farm here.

All it really needs is some artwork and it's good to go. I'd run it in a heartbeat.

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