Friday, 12 June 2020

Kings of War the Roleplaying Game

Kings of War RPG Official Press Release - Red Scar Publishing'The roleplaying game for Mantic's epic fantasy setting: Kings of War. In a world of heroes, forge your own legend.

Kings of War is a fantasy setting of epic scope. Originally envisioned through the medium of a tabletop wargame, Pannithor has since been expanded with the Dungeon Saga board game and the Kings of War: Vanguard skirmish game. With Kings of War the Roleplaying Game, GMs and players will be able to explore this grandiose fantasy setting like never before!'

An age ago I bought the 'Kings of War' miniatures rules and had great fun with it. It was the game that got me back into wargames for a while and, while I didn't stick with it, it was the only other game since WFB that really stoked my passion for tabletop battles.

Of course, my thoughts at the time leaned to RPGing it, and I created some fast and loose rules to add on to the wargame to play individual heroes. The rules were published in the much missed Ironwatch fan magazine.

Now it has it's own full RPG and it looks excellent. I've downloaded the quickstart rules and what I've read so far looks great. I'm really looking forward to seeing the full game of this and what they do with the world the wargame created.

Kings Of War RPG Coming To Kickstarter In August – OnTableTop ...

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