Tuesday, 17 August 2021

**COMING SOON** FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction RPG


FIRETEAM - A Rules Light Science Fiction #ttrpg. Protect the Interplanetary Combine from threats within and without!

Full rules and six missions included. Designed for one-shot action games on online tabletop sites, but can be played as a traditional RPG.

The game uses a D6 dice pool looking for successes, and it's centered around a team of soldiers in four different roles: Rifle, Medic, Tech and Heavy Weapons.

Games are strike missions using square-based combat maps, the kind found on VTT. The quick rules allow for fast involved play, and the characters can develop over a period of time as they complete missions for the Interstellar Combine. Seperatists, terrorists, opposing governments, alien threats and internal conflict. Just another day in the Fireteam.