Friday, 19 November 2010

Dark Roguewatch


Look, I'm a busy man but I'm never to busy to bring life to my ideas. Something I've not done in a loooooong time is design a campaign. I've usually just designed a situation and then let the story grow organically by reacting to what the players are doing, kind of a sandbox setting but with a definite goal. Yes, I set the goal, I just don't define the path.

Right now I'm designing a massive Warhammer 40K Roleplaying campaign. Now that I have Deathwatch (*giggles uncontrollably*) I have the whole set. I was wondering what to run, but then hit on an idea; why not just run a campaign incorporating the whole three books? Start with Dark Heresy, where they uncover the threat. Then move on to Rogue Trader, where they seek the threat out. Then finish with Deathwatch, in which they deal with the threat. Three massive campaigns combined into one huge epic campaign. Of course, I've had make it about something pretty huge, and I've shied away from the 'Chaos/heretics/xenos are going to attack us en masse! As was prophesised! Or something!' I'm making it much more huge, Imperium-shattering as a whole. I'm not turning the setting up on it's head... that's up to the players to stop from happening.

Should be fun. I'm truly looking forward to running it. Now to start work on the Rogue Trader section...

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  1. It was my players that did the setting turning. As a result, the Space Marines aren't very happy with them, as they will soon discover.