Tuesday, 23 November 2010


It’s sad, but after an extremely short sortie into the gaming retail world we’ve decided to let the physical shop go and concentrate on a part-time online store.

We’ll really miss the place. We’ve met new people and made new friends and broadened our gaming horizons and social circle. There’s more gamers out there than you realise, and there’s plenty of younger people wanting to get in on the action. Honestly, it’s been real fun and we don’t regret giving it a go for a second.

So – as we’ll be gone in the next couple of weeks we’re having a sale, lots of money off most things, and we’ve got plenty of stuff here. RPGs, boardgames, cardgames, classic M:TG cards, some old Warhammer stuff, figures, collectibles, all kinds of stuff.

We hope to see you, so that you can say goodbye and get a bargain to boot!


Jonathan and Richard