Friday, 31 December 2010

Star Trek RPG

I was always really pleased with my quick 'n dirty D6 System conversion of Task Force Games' 'Prime Directive' core rulebook, that even used the book's own system and character sheet. It can be found in the free section of my website It was simple and yet effective and, even though you'll need to locate extra rulebooks that are very old and out of print, it worked well.
This brings me to the original FASA game from waaaaaaay back in the midst of time, when hairspray was abundant and 18th century clothing and a white stripe across the nosebridge was the 'in' thing. Of course, I'm talking about the early 1980s.

The copy I have is the Games Workshop Second Edition printing. It was a great little system, percentile based, and the characters you could create were given depth by having them develop through applying to Star Fleet, going through Academy training and then active service. The final character was fleshed out and easy to play, and whilst the damage of weapons of the era (the Original Series) was slightly over the top (one hit disintegrations!) the system was pretty fluid and fun.
I created a character for this back in 1989 but never played him. I might give this game a stab at some point.


  1. Please do! I am a huge fan of the game and of Star Trek gaming in general. My prefered system is the ICON System version put out by Last Unicorn Games but I started with the FASA game way back in 84'. I think I may have played Star Trek more than any other RPG.

    Check out my blog for some Star Trek game goodness. Let me know what you think.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow, I didn't realize Games Workshop ever got involved with Star Trek !?

    Re the white stripe across the nose bridge, are we referring to Adam Ant ? He's the only one I can recall. I remember the luminous lime green fluffy gym socks and those weird long socks that all the girls wore. I must have spent too much time looking down rather than up :)

    Nice blog, thanks for sharing, I'll be back,

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  3. @ Barking - cheers for that, I'll have a good peruse of your Star Trek goodness.

    @ Sigmar - Yes, Games Workshop released the second edition boxset over in the UK under license from FASA. That's the one I have.


  4. Awesome game! I cut my gaming teeth with that game! I felt it did better than some of the later iterations at really capturing the "feel" of Star Trek. Played it for years!