Monday, 3 January 2011

I'll be damned

Yesterday me and the wife went on a little jaunt to the local places of interest, one of them being a small place called Barton Marina (www.bartonmarina.co.uk), especially a toy shop and museum (http://www.bartonmarina.co.uk/p3_5_1.htm) that dealt with new and classic, antiquarian toys.

After my last post about the old Star Trek RPG, what do I find tucked away in the corner? Yes, a complete and good condition Star Trek RPG box set, exactly the one I was talking about. I don't see one in years and then one turns up in the middle of nowhere in a shop I didn't even know existed until I went to the marina on a whim.

That's fate, that is. Fate is telling me I have to play the Star Trek RPG.