Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fighting Fantasy: Interstellar Adventures

Considering that I'm a tad bored with game design, and the fact that I'm falling in love with old systems all over again, I decided to have a stab at messing around with the game system that got me started in the RPG hobby - the Fighting Fantasy system.

Taking my cue from the 'Fighting Fantasy The Introductory Roleplaying Game' book I set about getting hold of the rules (quite simple as they're all on Wizard Books' Fighting Fantasy website and can be copied and pasted quite easily) and then tweaking them to suit. I introduced a new set of skills and a Difficulty Number resolution system to keep the die rolling conventions similar. Physical combat remains the same and I've introduced the ranged and starship combat systems from Gamebook 4 'Starship Traveller' to the system. All in all it makes for pretty fun, simple game.

Right now I'm hoping to get some kind of nod from Wizard Books so that I can distribute the game for free across the internet. If nothing is forthcoming then I'll just change the combat resolution system and change the names of the stats. Simple as that. Hopefully, they'll say yes and then I can release:


  1. Are you aware that there's a a new edition of Fighting Fantasy on the way?

  2. I'd be interested to see what their response is. They've been a bit GW-ish towards some other FF fan sites in the past. Keep us informed, cos your rules sound interesting!

  3. @ Kelvin - Yeah, they're doing a new edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Hopefully it won't be too much like the original AFF as that wasn't so great and broke far too easily. My rules aren't as involved as the original AFF, but I am taking that young-kids-new-to-gaming narrative with the writing.

    @ Fantasy - They've never responded to any enquiry of mine so I'm hoping for a nod, but if I don't hear anything I won't be too surprised. Even if I change simple things the game will still be recognised as Fighting Fantasy and will be compatible with stuff like 'Out of the Pit' and the gamebooks. I'll keep people up to date, no worries.

  4. I'm not surprised. Their site still says 'What's in store for 2010'. Ho hum!