Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mini Six, Mini Six, ooooh, loooolly-lolly-lolly

Mini Six. (POP!) Badum-dum-dum...

I think the elegance and simplicity of the Mini Six system, a cut down version of the D6 System that's now available on OGL as OpenD6, has won me over. The great guys over at www.antipaladingames.com have done a cracking job and well done to them.

What makes this great for me is that I think I've now decided on a system for my magazine-format printed project. I was so intent on creating a whole new system for a whole new game I lost sight of th ereason why I wanted to do this. I wanted to present a whole new setting for players to gamein, the system itself was secondary. As a lifelong fan of the D6 System thanks to WEG's original (and, in my opinion, by far the best) Star Wars RPG I'm more than happy to use Mini Six for the game. Now I just need to get an SRD from the guys at Antipaladin that's not a PDF - I like to make my life easy and there's nothing easier than copy n' paste.

People complain about the D6 System, stating that it's easy to 'break'. Well, don't fucking break it, then. That's like buying a dog and seeing how many times you can kick it before it dies.


  1. I swear I'm gonna get off my ass and write my MiniSix 80s Cyberpunk game. SWEAR I will.

  2. I think part of why people think it is so easy to break is because when WEG published the heroes of the Star Wars trilogy long ago they gave them all such over the top stats for the difficulty ranges everyone thought their characters all needed to be as awesome to pull off what you see in the movies and it just isn't true.

    I would love to see a take on 80's Cyberpunk game. Would be all sorts of fun.

  3. That was the wrongful assumptions of the players, then, not a fault with the system. We played the game in its First Edition incarnation for many years, many with the same characters, and we always knew we'd never reach the stats of the main characters and were still able to do insane heroic things. To be fair, we always saw those Luke, Han and Leia stats as somewhat pointless as, like you said, they were over the top and we wanted more fluff for the setting, not regurgitated stories about characters we already knew about.

    A cyberpunk game would be easy to do for the D6 system as replacements would be simple pips or dice additions to existing attributes/skills. That could really work well, especially with a retro-80s feel to it.