Sunday, 11 September 2011

Star Wars D6

All this talk about the new MMO 'The Old Republic' has gotten me all excited about roleplaying Star Wars again. I've been looking over the setting, which can be found at the official website, and I just love it. The look, the feel and the sheer amount of fun you can have in this time period is just so appealing. I'll no doubt give the game a try when it comes out - I'm a Star Wars fan, of course I will - and I'll see how I get on, but I really want to run a D6 game for this. The sheer amount of info on the official page is more than enough to set me up for a campaign or two.

Just to prove my point, have a look at the three promotional videos below and tell me that this stuff isn't perfect for a Star Wars D6 game:


  1. The slow-motion is very tiresome, and the hadoken in the first trailer is a bit out of place, but in general, those snippets are better than the last three films!

  2. Right with you on the slo-mo - it's so tired and used that there's nothing special about it anymore and smacks of lazy 'Matrix'-style directorial copouts. Doesn't seem very Star Wars, either.

    But they are fantastic little movies and wonderfully animated. If they could make an entire movie like that, I'd be well pleased!

  3. These are great primers for a campaign online or pen & paper. I love the Old Republic era, I just wish they'd make it look like it truly is thousands of years before the movies, rather than rely so heavily on the old tropes.

    I don't mind the slo-mo when they're selling video games.