Wednesday, 5 October 2011


That's right - I'm arranging a convention. Just a one-day affair where gaming geeks can gather and plot world domination. And game, if they're so inclined.

GAMMA CON is a brilliant new gamer's one day convention coming to Lichfield, Staffordshire in January 2012, showcasing all the sellers that strive to bring quality products to the hobby we support and love. We aim to back all the independent traders and clubs you don’t want to see whither away and give them a presence and regular place to trade and play.

If you’re a player or someone who wishes to demo a game they created or simply wish to run a large or small game with your local group please get in touch and I can send details on running a game or demonstration (once we've sorted it all out, of course).

The West Midlands has a large Role-Playing community and its time we had our own event, so if you live in the surrounding Shires... get in touch!

You can join our Facebook event page HERE.

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