Monday, 7 May 2012

A return to Basic Dungeons & Dragons?

I'm really enjoying running my current Pathfinder campaign but I do miss my simple games, such as Dragon Warriors or Star Wars D6. I want to make sure the gaming group enjoys the game we're playing so I'd like to stick with the system we're using now. In other words, I want simplicity but I want to keep playing the D20 system game.

This has bought me back to Basic D&D. I recently got the basic rulebook for the black box edition and it's perfect for a decent game from levels 1-5 (that's a couple of campaigns easy, if I limit the XP for gold angle) but I've never been a fan of the THAC0 system or the dicey saving throws. Surely it can't be that difficult to take the new new 3.X rules and incorporate them into the Basic D&D game? If I could do that, I could drop the rules I dislike and my players would have a lite version of the game system they love.

There's a greater sense of progression and achievment in any version of D&D then there is in any other game and I think that's what my players enjoy. I love game systems that allow characters to grow of their own accord - Runequest and the D6 system spring to mind here - but right now there's a 'goal to aim for' sensibility at the table and a heady mix of old school and new blood.

I like Pathfinder, but I'd like that progression to be a little less complicated. I must be getting lazy in my old age as simple suits me just fine.