Sunday, 26 October 2014

VIDEO REVIEW: Lego Ninjago from Titan Comics

A review of two new Lego titles from Titan Comics!

With Jonathan Hicks and Specialist Bruce

Lego Ninjago: #1 The Challenge of Samukai!

Sensei Wu has trained Cole, Zane, Jay, and Kai to be Masters of Spinjitzu, and together they defend the world of Ninjago from the dark forces of the Underworld. But when Samukai boasts that he can defeat Sensai Wu and his four young ninja, Garmadon takes him up on his bet!

Lego Ninjago: #2 Mask of the Sensei

Cole, Zane, Jay, and Kai, the Masters of Spinjitzu, have defeated unbelievably powerful foes and all seems well on the world of Ninjago. But all that changes when the inja are attacked by the one foe they can’t possibly hope to defeat, the one who taught them everything they know — Sensei Wu himself?!

This is a nightmare come true when they must somehow defeat their respected teacher and friend — or must they?!

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