Thursday, 17 December 2015

Star Wars D6 RPG - designing it old-school

I've been trying not to get into the Star Wars swing of things, but after looking through my old first edition Star Wars RPG game, and thinking about how I create my games now, I've decided to throw myself back to 1987 and create an old-school D6 Star Wars campaign the way I used to do it. On paper, with pens and pencils.

This means no sitting at a computer typing, or copying and pasting stats and images off the internet, the things that have made me lazy in my game design in these days of the internet. This means handwriting my plot ideas and situations, stats and character backgrounds, and drawing new places, people and tech. Just the way I did thirty years ago.

I'm trying to remember why it is I got into Star Wars, and the Star Wars RPG, in the first place, so I'm starting from scratch.

Saying that... who's up for a Star Wars D6 1st Edition game?

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