Thursday, 28 January 2016

News - Mutant: Gen Lab Alpha Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE



Hi Mutants!

The Gen Lab Alpha Kickstarter is live - come and support the revolution!

(The pledges are in Swedish KR but all show the £ and equivalent underneath)

An all new stand alone book for the Mutant: Year Zero Roleplaying line. 

"In a remote mountain valley, mutant animals dwell under the watchful eyes of the mysterious Watchers. Kept prisoners for generations by electric wire and drones in the sky, never knowing who's next to be dragged off to deadly experiments in dark laboratories, the animal mutants have had enough. The time for resistance is now. The fight for freedom has come..." 

Mutant: Genlab Alpha is the first major expansion to Mutant: Year Zero, the award-winning pen&paper roleplaying game by Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment. But Mutant: Genlab Alpha is no mere supplement - it stands on its own and can be played as a complete game in its own right.

Mutant: Genlab Alpha tells the story of the mutant animals, and introduces them into the dawnworld of Mutant: Year Zero. Some of the contents:

● New rules, PC roles, skills and powers for mutant animals. The expansion includes all the rules you need to play!
● A detailed description of Paradise Valley, the mountain valley where the animals are being held, including a beautiful full-color map.
● A description of the mysterious underground facility called the Labyrinth, where the Watchers dwell.
● The complete campaign Escape from Paradise, letting the characters lead the fight for freedom and uncover the mysteries of the Watchers.
● Unique strategic game mechanics for putting the players truly in charge of the Resistance, planning its operations.
● An overview of how the mutant animals can travel to the Zone if they manage to escape, and join the human mutants of Mutant: Year Zero.

Our goal is to release Mutant: Genlab Alpha by August this year. It will be a beautiful full-color book of 200 pages or more. The cover art is made by Ola Larsson, and the interior art by Reine Rosenberg, just like the Mutant: Year Zero core book. Genlab Alpha was released in Swedish in 2015, and the translation is already finished.


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