Monday, 6 December 2021


Runescape is a fun game - its quick and easy to get into and you can be downloaded and ready to go in no time. I find it great for casual gaming but there's plenty of scope for serious MMOers too, with loads of content to keep you going for an age.

Its listed as free but is it play to win? I don't think so. At least, my character got quite far and I didn't feel limited and I'm having a great time with my new character. I'm sure there's benefits to paying a subscription, and to be honest I'm really tempted. I want to delve a little more into the world to see if I can create a tabletop roleplaying campaign world out of it!

I'd love to see the setting of Fighting Fantasy adapted to an MMO like this. As much as I'd love a FF game to be like 'Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance', a game I spent countless hours playing on the PS2, I'd love to see Allansia and the rest of Titan given the MMO treatment, and be able to travel the world and partake in dungeons and adventures based on the books. I think the popularity of the FF franchise would suit a game like Runescape, as well as give the exisitng Runescape fans - and new gamers - a whole new world to explore.

'Tis a dream I have.

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