Sunday, 12 December 2021

The Gamma-Sigma 12 Report

Coming in early 2022...

“Is anyone out there? This is Resource Station Gamma-Sigma 12, we are under attack from a life form…  


Our escape ships have launched only half-filled – cowards! - and there are no vessels left here to get us off the station – there are about twenty of us here and we’re scattered all over, requesting… 

(static, crashing sounds, an inhuman screech)

Ben! Ben, they’re through! Get the gun! Patricia, take this and get ready! They’re through!


Just shoot! Fire! Fire!

(gunshots, screeching, a cry of pain)

Dan, no! Keep firing! Keep…

(static, transmission ends)”


  1. Cool! So happy to know that TDP isn't just a thing you made to be left on the road all by itself.

    1. Thank you! I intend to write at least two adventures a year, and I still have supplements to complete that flesh out the universe.