Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hard Sixes Saturday Madness - save up to 20%!


Got a gaming club membership card? Got a Hard Sixes Club Discount membership card? Even if you haven’t we can sort you out on the day - get down to Hard Sixes in Sutton Coldfield and claim up to 20% discount on selected goods in the shop for one day only: Saturday 4th September.

We’ve got a gaming table so come on down and bring your decks, boardgames, sit in on a classic Fighting Fantasy competition game (simple rules rule!) to win a copy of the game Freeloader, and take part in the raffle to win a copy of Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition. There’s cafes aplenty around here so there’s plenty of places to get something to eat and drink.

If you know someone who’s interested in getting into roleplaying games then bring them along – we do RPG workshops where new gamers can learn, experience and enjoy the magic of tabletop roleplaying games.

There’s plenty of bargains to be had so make a note – Saturday 4th September. Hard Sixes, 10:00am to 5:00pm.

HARD SIXES - The Gaming Store
Units 42-43 Inshops (Sutton Market)
65 South Parade
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1QU
0121 354 8600

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