Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hard Sixes Saturday Madness Update

Just a quick note on the Fighting Fantasy competition game for Hard Sixes Saturday Madness on Saturday 4th September:

Rules will be as per the standard Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, with players creating standard adventurers. Players will roll randomly for their scores, but if they do not like their first character’s scores they may roll again, but they must keep their second character. The whole character must be rolled, not individual scores.

There will be no magic users (yet!) and there will be a slight tweak to the combat system – instead of both combatants rolling 2D6 and the highest one wins, one player rolls first and the other has to beat their SKILL+2D6 score with their own SKILL+2D6 roll. Initiative will be determined by highest SKILL+2D6 roll.

Depending on how many take part , I will be running small 4-player games in up to two dungeon encounters that will last about 30 minutes. The winners will be:

- Those who survive
- If all players die/more than one player survives, the winner is who scored the most amount of hit points on enemies

If any players tie, then they have to duel. If there is more than one group to game, the winners of each group play in a final encounter.

Standard SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK rules apply, but if a winning player goes on to the next round/final they can reset their SKILL and STAMINA scores but not their LUCK.

For more info on the Fighting Fantasy rules, click here. There’s more than one page and all the rules are there (ignore the FEAR and MAGIC rules).

Games begin at 12:30pm. The winner gets a copy of the FREELOADER game from Cheapass Games and a spiffing trophy!*

Any questions, email: hardsixes (at)

Happy adventuring, and may your stamina never fail!

*Possibly not as spiffing as I'm making it out to be

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