Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More old advertisements

The 'Endless Quest' books were a lot of fun but I was well immersed in my Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by the time I got around to playing my first one. I liked the rules of the Fighting Fantasy books, and it was my gateway to proper roleplaying, but I always remembered this ad. I know that this one in particular was from the magazine 'Imagine'.

Ah, Citadel miniatures. My go-to range for all my miniature needs. Before they went total Warhammer they had probably the best range on the market and I had a foam-lined fold-out toolbox full of them. I was always rubbish at painting the things, so my entie collection was pretty much silver. I also used to get the catalogues and cut out the pictures, mount them on cardboard and stick them to one pence pieces for bases. They made really good little playing pieces. These days, of course, you can print out full-colour counters but back then we made do, and these cut-out miniatures proved perfect as stand-ins until we had enough pocket money saved to buy the real things.