Sunday, 23 September 2012

RPG MASTERCHEF - Middle Dragon Earth Warriors

RECIPE: A very simple Middle-Earth/Dragon Warriors fusion style

INGREDIENTS: One copy of the Dragon Warriors core rulebook, the Dragon Warriors Bestiary, access to the Middle-Earth Wiki, dice and friends. And if you want to, try and get hold of a copy of a Lord of the Rings soundtrack, either the Howard Shore movie trilogy, or the Lord of the Rings Online soundtrack (I'd recommend the Lord of the Rings Online soundtrack as it works better as background music; the themes of the movie trilogy can be distracting).


First of all, limit the number of magic users in the group. In fact, it's best to drop them altogether. If you must use them, then limit the spell level to level two or three. That's up to you and your group, but in general magic use in Middle-Earth was very uncommon.

Then mix the careers as you see fit - a Knight would make a good Gondorian, a Barbarian would possibly make a good Wildman. You can aways find new careers in the Dragon Warriors Wiki, which is always a great help.

Splash in some humanoid races from the Dragon Warriors Bestiary, such as Elf and Dwarf, to fill out the options.

Season liberally with other sources, such as the 'Art Of ' books of the Peter Jackson movie trilogy and classic Angus McBride covers from the ICE MERP game.


You can use existing Dragon Warriors adventures with the names changed to suit a Middle-Earth setting quite easily. Basically, stick it on the table and smile. Trust me, your players will gobble it up.

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