Sunday, 2 September 2012

Use the Force, Jon...

*Knock knock*


*Knock knock*

'Go away! I'm playing Call of Cthulhu'


'Oh, for the love of...' - Storms to door and flings it open - 'Who the hell...?'

'It's me.'


'No! I'll never join you!'

'Come with me - together we can rule the roleplaying group as game and gamemaster. Your last GM never told you what your favourite game was'

'He told me enough! He told me it was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!'

'No... I am your favourite game'

'No... NO! NOOOOOOOO, it's not true! It's impossible!'

'Search your feelings - and your dice bag, they'll all be D6s - you know it be true!'

'Nooooooo... nooooo... nooooooo.....'

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