Sunday, 21 October 2012

Adventure Games Guild - Rules Preview and 'Dungeons'

This is a project I've been following for a few weeks and I'm excited to see the final product. In the meantime, the wonderful gentlemen of Adventure Games Guild have released two things for downoload, one free and one at just $2.

PictureThe first is a free rules preview.
From the website: 'Adventurer is, as the name suggests, a solo role playing game. In developing the game, the aim was to bring a fully-fledged role playing rules system to the gamebook or interactive fiction style adventures that have been published since the 1980s. These adventures have often had simplistic rules by necessity, but we wanted to try to bring you something different, something for the hardcore gamer to sink their teeth into. The game itself is due for general release in early 2013. However, we have decided to allow you to see the rules manuscript right now! This may still be subject to some tweaks, though we do not anticpate major changes at this time.'
Then there's the first game in a series, called 'Dungeons'.
From the website: 'Dungeons is a solo adventure game designed to be played by just one person. In it, you take on the role of a Hero of The World; you can be a Barbarian, a Dwarf, an Elf or a Mage. There are six Quests listed in the book, which you can take your Hero on. Each Quest is made up of Encounters and Events, which might have you battling Goblins, Orcs, or worse, Wyverns and Manticores. Each Quest has a unique finishing area which you must overcome in order to complete it. During your Quests, you can find gold and treasures and, after your Quest, your Hero will grow in strength and power.'

I've had a read through the rules system and I like what I see. Considering the nature of the game they're trying to create, I'm incredibly curious to see where this goes. The rules they have developed are a complete roleplaying game in itself. They're simple rules and very adaptable and I can see if playing very well.

Check out the free rules document and grab a copy of 'Dungeon', and give these guys some support in their endeavours. It's nice to see a decent product taking off without the need for a Kickstarter banner.

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