Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dev Diary - AFF Science fiction: Playing God

Now that I've got the majority of the rules written down I'm concentrating a bit more on the setting itself. I've decided on an amalgamation of ideas taken from the gamebooks (and sorry, 'Appointment with F.E.A.R' fans, I might not be able to fit that book in!) and put them all together in one campaign sandbox.

I'll need to figure out some details, such as how a post-apocalyptic Earth ('Freeway Fighter') and a world where dinosaurs are herded by giant mecha ('Robot Commando') exist in the same universe, but I'm hoping that the setting I've come up with works. It's not like the game is designed specifically for the setting I'm creating, mind you; if you want to run your games on Kether or wherever, then go right ahead and do so. I don't intend to cater for those settings specifically but I will have their core idea in the overall setting in the book along with plenty of monsters and mutants directly from the original pages.

So, right now it's write write write. I'm fitting the pieces together, then I'll write it all up neatly.