Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dev Diary - AFF Science Fiction: The Jigsaw

So - I have all my pieces and it's time to put them all together.

Now that the majority of the work has been done it's now time to take each of the separate pieces and make sure they fit. I know they won't on the first attempt but that's what this process is all about. The intro I'm happy with, the psionic rules may need tweaking and I've purposefully kept the starship rules simple and quick as I didn't want to add any complication to the system.

As for the setting... well, I've decided not to go into too much detail with that at the moment. It's all fair and good creating a huge setting for the game but to truly do it justice, a campaign setting like the one I've got in mind requires it's own book. Once I've pieced the game together I'll see what I have and if the game requires a basic setting then so be it. As a basic, do-it-yourself core science fiction rulebook, though, there's no reason why this system can't cover every genre of sci-fi. An enterprising and creative gamer can get mileage out of the system using it for an existing setting or one of their own creation.

Onwards and upwards... upwards to the stars.

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  1. This may be a big ask, but is it possible for the fantasy and sci fi rules to be easily incorporated in the case of a Spectral Stalkers type scenario where the adventurers can go hopping through time and space (maybe a ZED spell).