Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Playing D&D on Google+

It pains me, you know, to have to sit on a computer talking to people over the internet when I would much rather have them sitting with me, at my table, their pencils scratching furiously at their character sheets, their dice clattering across the table, their responses tangible and in real time. That's not me railing against technology, or decrying the death of face-to-face gaming as the digital age encroaches upon my hobby. Not at all. It's me finding it difficult to step away from the physical social gathering aspect of the game and transferring what I know to the internet.

Last Sunday's session went well, as far as I can tell. Feedback has been positive - which is incredibly relieving, to be truthful - and everyone is looking forward to the next session. What really helped is the fact that while some of us were new to D&D we were all new to roleplaying on the internet.

What I found so enjoyable about this session was the fact that I could go back to the part of running a roleplaying game I enjoy the most; weaving the story. Narrating the scene. Creating the reality the players were going to experience and, most of all, talk lots and lots of bollocks. I got to act the characters (what few there were) and really get my teeth into telling a story.

Of course, the game doesn't exist solely for me to show of what storytelling and roleplaying talents I imagine myself to have, and when I had set the scene and sat back, asking the players what they wanted to do, they really got stuck in. As expected some were a little quiet and maybe didn't get as involved as I would have liked but I put that down to the technology we were using as it can be difficult. I'm sure if we were sat around a table things would have been different.

Ahh... oh, for a table.

The players responded really well and I was proper impressed as to how patient, attentive and willing they were to get involved, ask questions and put their characters and their skills to good use. If this is what I have to look forward to in future sessions then I am more than looking forward to this new chapter in my hobby.

But, damn, do I want that table.

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