Friday, 10 May 2013

Hulks & Horrors - the first adventure is over!

And we all lived! HOORAY!

The adventure was a good one. In a nutshell we had to investigate a planet where the indigenous species had been 'uplifted', a race of beings being forcefully evolved into a higher species over a period of thousands of years by a very advanced (and patient) but extinct alien species who seems to have wiped themselves out. It took three games, a few fights with some insane injured crewmembers of a previous expedition along with some monsters and some very unfriendly aliens, and a lot of working out the clues to get to the conclusions we came to.

This was what I wanted in a science fiction game - a core concept steeped in science fiction, a mystery, adventure, a bit of combat and, most importantly, some character roleplaying. My PC, Samuel Johnson, is a pilot who smokes too much and packs two laser pistols, looks after numero uno and loves his ship. Sadly, he also has a terminal incurable lung disease thanks to his smoking, which explains why it is he wants to both experience new things - so that he can live the wonder of the universe in his last few months - and why he throws himself into danger because, well... what does it matter? He's dead either way, right? This aspect of his character hasn't come up in the game yet - and there's a chance it never will - but it's a great angle and gives the character impetus; instead of sitting around thinking 'shall I do that?' I just get on and do it.

Rich has done a great job of GMing the game and it still surprises me that this is his first proper GMing session for a serious, experienced group. He handled it all very well and told a great story.

We start a new adventure next week! Win!

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