Friday, 27 December 2013

What made me cheer, what made me sigh, and what I want

Can't believe I'm saying this as I'm not a fan of the character, but my Film of the Year is 'Man of Steel'. The story, the music, the look and feel of it... this is a Superman I can get behind. Top stuff.

Oh, and if they decide to make a movie about the drama and action leading up to the fall of Krypton? I'm totally fine with that. One of my favourite movie opening sequences ever.

My biggest disappointment of the year is 'Marvel's Agents of Shield'. I simply got a little bored of it and couldn't get involved with any of the main characters, especially Coulson who should have been the guy you got behind the most.

It feels flat because we've had the epicness of the single character movies and The Avengers, and this feels like a cut-down version of it with the more interesting stuff happening just off-camera. Just feels like everything that's happening in the episodes is unimportant.

Here's what we need - a superhero TV show that's treated like the comics we know, by Marvel or DC or someone new. A whole new world, new cities, new heroes and villains. Not like Smallville (Dawson's Creek with a monster of the week), or Green Arrow (Hey! How 'real' can we make it?) or The Cape (Hey! We don't have the rights to Batman, but...) and especially not like Heroes (Hey! This started well cool! Now, how shit can we male it?).

Proper heroes, in costumes, with powers, living their lives and interacting both dramatically and violently. Big-ass heroes, punching shit through walls, saving the day and having melodramatic episodes of tragedy, conflicts of interest and self-doubt. Villains of both the moustache-twirling variety that you want to see punched into orbit and relatable tragic figures, and proper dynamic characters.

Don't adapt anything - build a whole new superhero mythos just for the small screen.

It could work.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone.

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