Friday, 3 August 2018

First Impressions - White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game

White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure GameI bought the printed version of White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game recently.

I like this a lot. It's really well laid out, quick and easy, and I like the retro style of it. The artwork is simple but a lot of fun and the game itself is easy and malleable with a wonderful 1980s feel to it.

I especially like the fact that they included both Descending and Ascending Armour Class (I'll be using Ascending, myself) and just got to the point of the system and the game, so it's aimed at people with experience in RPGs.

I think I'll write an adventure for DrivethruRPG for this as a way of trying out new approaches to design with the D20 system. At the moment I've written three official Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventures but it will be great to do something with another system and release it for myself under my own steam and editorial control.

I want to write my own material in my own setting! I want to see how I do on my own in the wild! I've raved about having an active imagination for years, so now's the time to prove it!

Self publishing, here I come!

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