Thursday, 14 November 2019

Alien Fanboy Thoughts

I have huge love for Alien Isolation and it's my preferred sequel to Alien, my favourite movie. Sadly, though, I feel Amanda's character has been kind of ruined by subsequent stories. She wasn't so bad in Alien Blackout, but Alien Resistance turned her into a gun-toting action hero, fighting against 'the nasty bad corporation who are nasty and bad'.

I much preferred her character when she was determined, resilient and clever in the face of danger, as she's depicted in the game and the novel, but now she solves problems with pulse rifles and tough Colonial Marine friends who have been shoehorned into her story.

I suppose I had other ideas as to where her story would go after the bleak horror of Isolation, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they chose this path. The ass-kicking heroine was profitable for her mum so there's no reason why they wouldn't try to duplicate it with her. It seems to be what the audience wants, or at least expects.

I'm probably just having a fanboy entitlement moment.

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