Thursday, 21 November 2019

The War of the Worlds - new ideas

This is how much I'm thinking about 'The War of the Worlds' at the moment; 5:00am condensation art, while I was waiting for a bus. I'd previously drawn the Alien, but this time I had a bash at a Martian Fighting Machine.

No photo description available.

And now I'm having game design ideas...

I'm toying with that Fighting Machine design, and I did this on my phone's Sketch app on the bus back, based on the sketch I did in condensation. I'll do some proper sketching when I get the chance.

Also, Audible's 'The War of the Worlds' adaptation is excellent. The Jeff Wayne music, of course, is great even if the rock opera feel kind of intrudes on the period, but the new arrangements are exciting and really good listening.

Sheen is amazing - the drama is just wonderful and it's really creepy to listen to. Great stuff.

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