Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Shot down before I can take off...

I'm gutted.

After a meeting with the bank and a long hard look at the figures, the shop is looking far too risky to open during the current economical situation. I have to think about the security of my family so I can't take the chance.

Personally I'm devastated. Three months of planning, viewings, bank meetings and setting up suppliers has come to nothing. The business is registered so Halfling House Ltd exists, but there's little I can do with it at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who supported us through this and we hope we can pursue this dream in the future.


  1. No fecking way! That's harsh. Bloody stupid economic fecking downturn.

    BOO! HISS! Sodding banker twats.


  2. It's the bank's fault more than anything - they gave us the runaround for two weeks only to sigh heavily and say, 'Actually, Mr. Hicks...'

    I'm looking at online options - I've still got my supplier contacts so fingers crossed.