Sunday, 16 May 2010


Oh, Neil Marshall. I had such high hopes for you. Dog Soldiers and Descent were really good, but Doomsday?

Just tried to watch 'Doomsday', the one about Scotland being quarantined for a few decades because of a killer virus. I got about an hour into it before I realised why I was so confused - the movie wasn't Escape From New York or Mad Max, but an amalgamation of the two to create what some people call a 'homage'. It created what I call a steaming pile of shite.

'What more do you want', I hear you cry. How about an actual film that makes sense? Like, why are the mad Scots cannibals when there's thousands of cows walking around? And the APC could take 30 mil rounds and chemical hits, but couldn't stop a twat with an axe smashing the window in?

Rubbish rubbish rubbish.


  1. Doomsday, with its cannibal weegies, gimp chariots, and luddite nutters, is actually a drama-documentary about life in contemporary Scotland. Ask anyone from Glasgae; all true. ;)

    Exception: that scene where not-Lara-Croft's magic rustproof Bentley teleports to Sarf Efrica to jump through a bus. I've /no idea/ what was going on there...

  2. If this film taught me anything, it's to by a Bentley Continental - those things last forever!

    Oh, and never visit Glasgow when there's nothing but beef on themenu.