Friday, 14 May 2010

My First Dragon Warriors Campaign Ends!

Well, my last Dragon Warriors game of my first full campaign is this Sunday (I'm the GM) so I'll tell you what's been going on.

The game started in Third Crusade England with two assassins and a Knight. One thing lead to another and they found themselves transported to the Land of Legend where they embarked upon a series of quests to find a way back home to the 'real' world. The campaign started in January and we've played (most) Sundays. All in all the game has been excellent and we've really enjoyed using the system.

Here are a few things I realised about the game, bear in mind this may only be pertinent to my group.

1. To simplify resolution we use 1D20 for all rolls and not the combination of 1D20 and 2D10. It makes life much easier.

2. It was remarked several times that a skill system would be really useful and I have to agree. Although we can manage it would define the characters more.

3. Combat is excellent and we use the optional damage roll and not the set damage that weapons have. It made things much more unpredictable.

4. I allowed one of the assassins to learn magic once they arrived in Legend, so he changed his Rank 2 assassin career for a sorcerer one, starting at Rank 1. I allowed him to keep his assassin's skills and scores and it made for a very interesting character - it didn't unbalance the game at all.

Now that we know and enjoy the system I'd love to carry on using it in my upcoming science fiction campaign, so instead of a DW 2nd Edition they could do a refined skill-based generic science fiction version. I reckon it could work.

All in all, great stuff. I'm hoping to get a sequel to this campaign on the go by the end of the year (depending on whether the PCs survive, of course!)

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