Saturday, 8 May 2010

Treasure Planet

I just watched Disney's 'Treasure Planet'. It was like a slightly higher tech version of 'Spelljammer'.

So, the first thing I'm thinking is 'I'd love to make a roleplaying game out of this cartoon's universe'. It just looked so evocative - how weird is that?


  1. "Weird" in what way? 'Cause I thought it, too.

  2. Weird in the fact that I have never taken the concept of or statted an entire movie and interpreted it as a roleplaying setting before. I was much more interested in what I could get up to in the Treasure Planet universe than what was actually happening on screen.

  3. I loved the whole genre attached to it. The art work and the concept was just beautiful. I love the old Nemo feel that most of those old remakes are having now. I may just turn our living room into a Nautilus themed paradise! P.S i know its an old film but i too have only just seen