Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Construction of a gaming shop - Part 2

The first display items for the shop arrived today. A pair of fluffy dice air fresheners graciously donated by my lovely wife:

And then the three shelving units we'll be using for the RPGs and Boardgames arrived. Took me a couple of hours but they all went up really well.

Looking good. I also cheekily cut out some of the more generic artwork from this month's issue of 'White Dwarf' magazine and stuck them up on the windows to help generate interest.

Tonight I've been going over my order for the first lot of stock and it's not looking great, to be honest. I've quashed my bias towards certain games and made sure I'm ordering stock that will attract an eclectic mix of customers. I'm taking care of the RPGs and Richard the board and wargames. We'll also be looking into CCGs but we can top up the budget with them if neccesary. I've also got a few items in my personal collection I'm willing to donate to help fill out the shelves. Add to that items from other collectors I know and I'm looking to get in some great stock that'll appeal to everyone.

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