Thursday, 1 July 2010

Warhammer Offline

I've only been playing Warhammer Online for a month and already it appears things are going to poop.

It was announced, quite suddenly, on the 24th June that GOA would no longer be hosting the servers that run the game and that all the server responsibilities would be handed over to Mythic. That's fine. They said:

'Over the next few weeks we will be working very closely with the Mythic Team to ensure you all get settled as smoothly as possible. We wish to assure you that all characters, guilds and account information will be migrated to Mythic servers and will be available to present and past players.'

So I ordered two prepaid 60-day gaming cards, one for me and one for my wife, so that we could carry on playing. Suddenly, on the 28th June, this announcement appears on the front page of the warhammer Europe website:

'Tomorrow morning, we will transfer player’s data to Mythic, which will require a short server maintenance.'

That was quick! So what happens to the prepaid time cards I just spent more than £30 on and haven't used yet?

Nobody can tell me! I contacted Billing Support and they told me to read the FAQs on the website, which tells me nothing. I've posted on the official forums (I'm 'Swordsong') and practically begged for an answer, or at least an indication, and as of yet have heard nothing. From what I can tell, GOA have suspended their prepaid system, but does that apply to the cards already out there? Nobody can tell me!

I love Warhammer. I like MMOs. I figured the combination of my favourite fantasy setting and an online game would be a marraige made in heaven.

Yeah, right.

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