Sunday, 12 August 2012

Adventure Games Guild - Logo Revealed!

There's a new roleplaying project taking form from the fertile minds of Shane Garvey - of the solo-adventuring game Chronicles of Arax, and Stuart Lloyd, an aficianado of gamebooks.

Below is their official press release:

Adventure Games Guild, a new publishing company, today announced their first game, 'Adventurer: The Solo Role Playing Game.' Due for release in late 2012, this product will be designed by Shane Garvey (QUERP, Fabled Lands RPG) and Stuart Lloyd (Lloyd of Gamebooks). The game promises to blend the appeal of solo, gamebook style adventures with a fully detailed role playing system.

Mr. Garvey, president of Adventure Games Guild, said, "I am honoured to be working with Stuart Lloyd on this project. Our mission is to update the old style gamebook system, which always had a set of simplistic rules, into a fully realised, well detailed role playing game. Sort of Fighting Fantasy meets Dungeons and Dragons."

The company promises to offer a set of rules reminiscent of many popular role playing games but to adapt them into the solo format. They plan to include rules for low and high levels of play, rules for running your own keep and much more besides.

'Adventurer: The Solo Role Playing Game' is due late 2012. For more information, see:
Twitter: @adv_games_guild

Being a roleplayer and a massive fan of gamebooks in general, this project has got me highly intrigued - even more so when they release a teaser image of their character sheet, which you can download from here. I love the 1980s look and feel to the sheet and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have.

So join me in supporting this project and wish Shane and Stuart all the luck in the world. Share this as much as you can and help spread the word -

Adventurer is coming.

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