Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blade Runner: More changes for Call of Cthulhu


Other than the fact that they can fly, which I think would double their top speed, these can be ariel versions of normal ground vehicles. I've not seen any larger versions so just family/sports cars stats can be used for these.

There will need to be a special skill 'Pilot Spinner' to use, on the ground as well as in the air.

The .45 PKD Detective Special

The standard firearm of a Blade Runner. A six-shooter by nature, this pistol has a lower barrel that accelerates bullets at a higher velocity by pulling the second trigger, an extremely handy feature that helps take down the stronger Replicants. This can only be used twice and then needs recharging – a red indicator light on the side shows how many uses the accelerator has – and triples the damage of a standard round. Once the accelerator is exhausted it needs to be plugged into a recharge unit, and to get it back to full charge takes an hour.

It's stats are the same as a .45 pistol.

The Voight-Kampff Machine

This polygraph-like machine is used to detect Replicants as it measures emotional and physical responses to intentionally provocative cross-referenced questioning. Replicants are considered to have a lower emotional range than humans and so this machine measures respiration, heart rate, capillary dilation and fluctuation of the pupil during questioning. Any irregularities could indicate the subject being questioned is a Replicant.

Players using the machine use their 'Psychoanalysis' skill - they get a 50% bonus to the skill roll if they make a successful 'Electronics' skill roll beforehand, and a 20% bonus if they fail the 'Electronics' roll. A successful roll forces replicants only to roll against their Humanity - if they pass, then the Voight-Kampff machine does not detect they are artificial. Ultimately, and after enough questions, the user of the machine will detect that they are replicants. Humans pass automatically unless they roll 99-00 on their Humanity - that could cause a few problems.

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