Friday, 21 September 2012

'Mech action EXTREME! Why Fighting Fantasy rules

Figfan22.jpgBattleTech: 'Our 'mechs are walking tanks against a backdrop of noble, warring houses across the stars'.

Robotech: 'Our 'mechs are derived from alien technology, and only they can save mankind'.

Fighting Fantasy: 'Our 'mechs herd fricking dinosaurs! SUCK ON IT!'

Who doesn't want to roleplay in a setting like this? Fighting Fantasy rules on so many levels it's not funny. Every one of their gamebooks makes a great source for material; settings, encounters and ideas. You may not like the system, but some of the campaign ideas are just excellent.

Above all that - piloting giant robots to control great big herds of dinosaurs. Epic.

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  1. You're dead right. I've been meaning to run a campaign -- probably using WFRP -- based on Moonrunner for ages.