Saturday, 2 March 2013

Announcement - Introducing 'The Hobbynomicon'

A couple of acquaintances of mine have set up their own tabletop gaming website and Facebook page, The Hobbynomicon (cool name!). Covering all kinds of tabletop games and pastimes, Hobbynomicon promises some great material from two dudes who between them have a vast knowledge and experience of the gaming world.

From the website:

The Hobbynomicon is primarily an entertainment hub set up by hobbyists, for hobbyists! We spend our spare time modelling, painting and gaming and all we want to do is share that experience with you!

The majority of the crew here already had experience writing blog posts or providing pages with hobby content, we also noticed that in our gaming circle we had some incredibly talented hobbyists and gamers who knew their stuff. So with these key elements at our disposal, a few of us decided to put our heads together and make The Hobbynomicon a reality!

Who are 'The Hobbynomicon' Crew?

The Hobbynomicon was founded by Richard Campbell-Innes and Tom Williams on 16th February 2013. It was an idea long in the planning process until we finally got to making E-mail accounts and pages to finalise the deal. After we had obtained our crew members and assigned them their roles, planned our first few articles and posts and sorted out our graphics, we decided it was time to go live!

Our main roles (Tom and Rich), is to administrate and keep the wheels of this behemoth rolling, we collect articles and hobby content from our associates as well as writing our own, we then fine tune it and present it here!

Each and every piece of content we use will be credited to the rightful owner/creator and eventually will be categorised into sections so you can pick and choose what you want to read and where!

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